I input my code and it says the image is not available. What do I do?
Be patient. It may take up to 24 hours for your image to appear on the site.

It’s been over 24 hours, my images are still not there.
Just email us at  Make sure you include the issue and your code.  Someone, from the location will contact you. 

How do I download my image to my iPhone or iPad?
Click Download on the web page.
The image will become large.
Then click (touch) and hold the image. 
Your iPhone/iPad will now let you choose to Save Image or Copy.
Click Save Image.
Your image is now saved in the Camera Roll of your Photos.

I downloaded my photo to my phone and it looks horrible.
Oops, you only download the thumbnail image. 
To download the full resolution image, click the download button and then save the image.

I purchased two digital images, but only one is on the site.
Just email us at, and we will contact you when we have the second image posted.  Don’t forget to include your code!

I downloaded my image on my Mac or PC, now I can’t find it.
When you downloaded your image, it saves to where all the downloads go on your device.  This is probably your Downloads folder.

How can I print my photo now that I have downloaded it?
You can print the image from home or from an online store, even a local store if you want. To print the image from a local store, just copy the image to a flash drive or cd and bring it to the store.   We strongly recommend bringing a copy of our Copyright Release with you.  Just copy it to the same cd or flash drive.  It should prevent any issues with the ownership of the image when you try to print it.

How long will my photo be on this site?
Your image is available for 90 days.  You must download it to a device of your own within this time period.